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This template is a meta-template used to create the other speedy deletion templates used for nominating pages for speedy deletion. Do not attempt to use this template directly on articles. For a generic speedy deletion template, see {{db}}.



  • criterion is the Criterion number from Wikipedia:Speedy deletion criteria. Do not create a CSD template which does not already have a CSD criterion, or it will itself be deleted under CSD T2!
  • 1 is the text which will go in bold immediately after "may qualify for speedy deletion". Note that there is no space between the word "deletion" and the parameter - if you want to continue the sentence without punctuation, use an HTML space ( ) to prevent the template 'eating' the leading space. A trailing full stop is already included in db-meta, so don't add it to this parameter
  • 2 is the text which appears in italics after 1. This should be a complete sentence, minus trailing punctuation (a full stop is included in db-meta).
  • temp is the user warning template which corresponds to the CSD criterion. For instance, {{db-a1}} uses Template:empty-warn, so passes the parameter |temp=empty-warn. All such warning templates should be categorised at Category:CSD warning templates
  • summary is the brief summary which will be preloaded into the deletion confirmation screen. There is no need to include the CSD criterion as this is added automatically.
  • All CSD templates based directly on db-meta should ideally use {{db doc}} for centralised documentation.
  • For templates which have variants, like {{db-g6}} and {{db-a7}}, it is recommended to base the variants on those templates, rather than directly on db-meta. For instance, {{db-band}} calls {{db-a7}} which in turn calls db-meta, rather than db-band calling db-meta directly.
  • All CSD templates using db-meta produce two invisible spans which may be useful for client-side java script:
    • <div id="delete-criterion"></div> contains only the CSD criterion ("A1", "P2", "R3", etc)
    • <div id="delete-reason"></div> contains a complete, legible deletion log summary which is suitable for preloading into the deletion confirmation screen.